Why Direct Mail is Coming Back with Dave Fink, CEO, and Founder, Postie

Double-tap — or in some cases just tap — to like. Those little filled-in hearts and thumbs-up used to be the currency of marketing campaigns. How many did you get? Then bots disrupted, and the market for selling likes got out of control. Brands started wising up to the super high customer acquisition costs they were seeing in their marketing reports and they wanted to trim the fat, to know more about who was seeing what and for what reason? Passionate about intricate marketing details like these is Dave Fink the CEO & Founder of Postie. He’s seen a lot of change in the social media marketing landscape in his times on the scene.

“Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Remember the days when Facebook advertising was all about building your fan page and buying likes,” Fink said. “That wasn’t that many years ago and at that time I was involved in many brands that had seven, in some cases, eight-figure annual budgets building monstrous fan pages and investing in even bigger budgets of in-house content creators to engage those fans through storytelling. Then Facebook decided to reach those fans, we’re going to charge you. That was the warning sign.”

Companies that have not heeded that warning are paying now, literally in way higher ad rates. Dave saw an opportunity to leverage the knowledge of the improved tech landscape to help turn Direct Mail marketing back into an affordable and viable option for marketers.

“We were starting from an authentic place, which was a need for more control over our growth — beyond the behemoths that are social and search,” Fink said “[We watched] those channels take more and more power, and markers lose more and more power over their growth trajectory, but not wanting to acquiesce and give up all of the technology and tools and data and measurement and predictability that comes from those channels.”

As he markets his technology to digital marketers, he knows the minute detailed questions that they want answers to and is always on the hunt to improve their tracing abilities. He’s passionate about marketing effectively and he’s here to share that excitement with you.

To hear more from Dave and Postie, make sure you check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!



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