What’s New in Out-of-Home Marketing with Norm Chait, Director, OOH Product/Sales, Quotient Technology

If you’ve ever been to Times Square, you can conjure up your memories of how chaotic and bustling that vibrant hub really is. This is the mecca of OOH or Out-of-home marketing. Norm Chait, Director of Out-of-Home Product and Sales at Quotient Technology, regales us with the tale of his work on a campaign for Microsoft that hit the big city. But, more importantly, he has a career’s worth of insight about OOH and really exciting details about the ways that data is changing the game in OOH.

“I come from a direct [marketing] role for years on the agency side. [But,] programmatic has different value propositions and benefits,” said Chait. “We help [customers] determine what is the right mix. We’re seeing hockey stick, year over year growth in programmatic. What’s driving a lot of adoption is the [increasing] complexity. [For example] somebody will say, ‘I’ve got 10,000 zip codes that Creative A needs to be in; and Creative B needs to be in this [zip code…etc] The versioning that is starting to come through [with] all those different creative executions would take teams weeks, versus we get that uploaded, and within a matter of minutes we can give a plan back.”

There is a lot of value for companies especially in the CPG space to consider OOH, no matter the size of the business.

“CPG is a sweet spot for us. We do work across lots of different product categories but our ability to come back to the notion of accountability and confidence using data to show exactly where people are spending their time. Here are the products and categories that they’re buying. We see week over week trends. [This means our] ability to see real-time trends and then tie that back to physical inventory is what our clients are excited about. Our ability to guide them as to where people are going, what they’re buying, and the trends that we’re seeing help them [see the need to invest.]”

There’s so much happening in the world of OOH and Norm Chait and Quotient have the insight. Make sure to check out the full episode of Marketing Trends here!

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