What Makes a Marketing Leader with Adri Nowell, VP of Marketing at Rev

3 min readDec 8, 2021


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The opportunity to work from home may be taken for granted a bit more within the last year and a half, but for years Rev.com has been providing opportunities for tens of thousands to work from home. Adri Nowell the VP of Marketing at Rev, came to our studios in Austin, Texas to talk about what it means to her to see so many people able to work from home with Rev. Adri’s experience as a marketer and a leader gives her a unique ability to serve both the Rev customer, as well as the tens of thousands of transcriptionists that Rev employs in a massive remote workforce.

“We work with about 70,000 professionals who, some of which don’t have great options for how to make money [because] they have an elderly parent or they’re a primary caregiver for a child. When I connect with the Rev-ers in our community, it brings me so much joy. I’ve talked to mothers who have sick children in the hospital who are transcribing at the foot of a hospital bed. Being able to put your child first and be able to provide that type of love and compassion and care for your child while also being able to make a living. Those moments make me so proud.”

Nowell hasn’t always been in the leadership role and talks a bit about what that transition looks like. She points to some good advice that she leaned on when thinking about her own transition to marketing leader.

“People get really nervous [about transitioning to leadership]. It’s an emotional thing. It’s a natural, emotional reaction. Molly Graham describes this really well. Molly Graham has been at companies like Facebook, Google, she scaled teams very, very quickly and rapidly. She’s also worked at Quip and with multiple CEOs to help them scale and high-growth environments. She talks about this concept, this emotional rollercoaster that people go through during these transition periods as she uses the metaphor of building a LEGO tower and then giving away your LEGO tower, which is so relevant. You have all these smart marketers that can jump in and they can tackle a challenge. And they built up their Lego tower and made it successful and then they have to hand their Lego to the next person coming in. It can be really nerve-wracking. ‘What if someone breaks the LEGO tower? What if they build it back up in the wrong way, or maybe they don’t expand upon it in the right way?’ And I’ve found her description of this to be really relevant and taken her advice to talk about it.”

Learning how Nowell runs an ABM campaign, what skills she uses as a leader, and how she thinks about scaling her team will give you great insight into your own exciting growth and leadership.

It was so great to speak with Nowell in person about her experience in marketing and how they’re growing at Rev. Get inspired with Nowell, up next here on Marketing Trends.

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