New Products Demand Innovation from Leaders like Amy Welsh, VP of Marketing at Agile Therapeutics

Swipe right on… Twirla? Creating ads for a contraceptive patch on dating apps is emblematic of the innovative approach that Amy Welsh, the Vice President of Marketing takes at Agile Therapeutics. Welsh has no shame in working with marketing agencies to utilize the advantages that they offer, while also maintaining close control of her brand’s integrity. It’s safe to say, Welsh has no shame in taking a different approach that spurs traditional marketing tactics

“The novel — the different ways of doing it — that is strategic media partnering,” Welsh said. “For instance, [at Agile] we were able to be the first contraceptive to advertise on dating apps like Match. I couldn’t have done that if I didn’t have somebody outside who was street-smart, and partnered with us to appropriately come up with a plan for that.” Welsh continued, “I want to ensure that the marketing team is the brand steward. We better know our brand better than everybody. And I want to use my agency for things that I don’t know or can’t do. It’s a bit of a hybrid but the marketing team better be the brand stewards and the strategists a hundred percent.”

And being the best steward means you have to have the best team in place to help. Encouraging your team to be creative and not fall into patterns of comfortable routine is necessary in the multi-faceted world of women’s health. Marketing across a broad spectrum of markets, from the patient herself to the healthcare provider, to the organizations like Planned Parenthood and Student Health Clinics.

“[In this industry] understanding Planned Parenthood and Student Health Clinics [which] are big in my world and the different marketing challenges there [is critical],” Welsh said. “How do you make yourself meaningful there? It’s telemedicine, but bigger than telemedicine. It’s understanding the digital entrepreneurial world. What are the new businesses out there and what’s next for either Twirla or Agile? Because we’re not just a patch company, we’re a women’s health company.”

To hear more about how Amy is staying ahead of the curve in the women’s health industry at Agile Therapeutics, check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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