Maximizing Email Engagement with Cynthia Price, VP of Marketing, Litmus

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

When there’s a problem, the sooner you know about it, the better. And this doesn’t just relate to high-level problems. The quicker you can identify that something is an issue and rectify it, the quicker you can get to making a meaningful difference towards your end goal. This is the case for email marketing. If the subject line of your email is causing a trend towards a lower than usual click rate, you’ve got to improve that in real-time. To do this, Cynthia Price, the VP of Marketing at Litmus, focuses her attention on good content marketing. How does she do this, by analyzing and reacting to data based on real-time campaign performance? The end result is a content marketing campaign that originates from high-performing blog posts.

“Over the course of the past three months, that campaign that started as a blog post turned into a giant revolving door of great content. We’ve now done two webinars that map up to it. Sales is consistently sending updates to prospects. We hope everybody who touches that content becomes a customer, but ultimately we see the value in sort of the bigger picture of just providing something to the industry that is hard to untangle in order to figure out.”

Untangling complex email campaigns and getting the most you can out of them is imperative in today’s marketing world. Email continues to prove its value in the marketing mix. When it comes to ABM marketing, Price has a key strategy.

“We went back to the drawing board and let the data inform who should be on that list. You look at your close one report from the last year, and we’re only going after those industries. We’re only going after those size companies. Start really small, as small as ABM will allow you to go and then build from there and, and still have some of those wishlist customers on the list, but the bulk of the list needs to be informed by data.”

Providing value in an industry will give you the good attention you want and need to drive customer acquisition. To get the full story on how Cynthia and Litmus are doing this in the email world, check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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