Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics with Amanda Malko, CMO at G2

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Bringing new people into your business is exciting and it’s important to get the right match, all the way down to someone who fits that stage of the company. Through experience building great teams in her career, Amanda Malko, now the CMO at G2, knows what to look for in job candidates. Going beyond assessing their ability to complete tasks and looking for a future team member who is right for this stage of your company. High-performance team building takes an added layer of thoughtfulness as she explains.

“I look for people who are right for the stage of the business are excited for whatever stage that is,” said Malko. “I’ve worked with very large enterprise companies and I’ve worked at smaller startups. And in my experience, people are at different life stages ready for different size companies, and excited about the opportunities and challenges that those companies provide. So not just hiring for skill and skill fit, but also hiring for stage fit is really important.”

Not everyone who’s good at working at a corporation is good at working in a startup environment, finding the right fit for your size company matters. Also, what matters as you grow your business is giving your customers what they want. A really clear way of doing that can be through getting good survey results, which isn’t as easy as it first sounds.

“Some best practices [for surveying] are: Be focused on what you’re trying to achieve. In surveys the longer the survey, the less likely are you to get [a lower] number of participants, but [also lower] quality of the feedback. Be really clear about what’s essential and what’s kind of nice to have. Definitely know how you’re going to evaluate it cause that’ll inform what tool you use. Ask the right questions.”

Getting a good survey is just a part of the overall data picture; you also need the right software. Malko, an expert in the world of new marketing tools, gives insight into how she thinks about testing new marketing tech tools, the way she determines their usefulness. She shares great insight from personal experience about how to get the survey results you need to make the best choice for your business. For countless tips and tricks in marketing and to hear more from Amanda and G2, make sure you check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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