Marketing Team Metamorphosis through Company Growth with Amy Cook the CMO of Simplus

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Predicting exactly how much growth to expect (or strive for) in your business can be tricky to forecast. This week we look to Amy Cook, CMO of Simplus, who has grown, scaled, and been a part of many merging teams throughout her career. Becoming a leading Salesforce partner came after years of growth and scaling of smaller businesses. Their growth has been rapid and expansive, which required great leadership.

“Simplus was doing a few million and had just barely done a series A. [We had] a growth rate of over 300% year-over-year. I attribute so much of that to our CEO who really empowered each team member on the executive team to do the very best that they could. And then he kept it all together with his vision and focus on culture. It was really an amazing opportunity; since then [in] the past 18 months we’ve been acquired by Infosys. That has been another humongous learning curve to learn how to be part of a massive organization of 250,000 people.”

Regardless of the size of the team or the title on your email signature, Cook is all about finding the best marketing solutions to her questions. Her success in marketing can be attributed to her openness and collaboration.

“When marketing [takes] as more of an ancillary role, then you lose a lot of the positivity that you can have from marketing. So [for] me, I have finance meetings with the team each week. The finance team is luckily super cool to work with. Not only do you have to connect internally [with teams], but you also need to connect with your partners with your customers and do joint co-marketing with your partners to reach the same customers. It’s a whole lot of relationship-building, even more than I would have expected when I just started doing marketing deliverables all those years ago.”

In this episode of Marketing Trends, Cook dives into, scaling well and growing a marketing business to enterprise size, and as a part of that keeping the marketing part of the business integrated with the whole organization. Prepare to benefit from Cook’s optimistic and collaborative attitude about growth and best marketing team practices. Hear more from Cook and Simplus by checking out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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