Listening and Adapting in a More Personalized Market with JC Lapierre, U.S. Chief Strategy and Communications Officer at PwC

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Mentorship is a sexy topic that gets thrown around in a lot of interviews, but this week’s guest does more than just talk about it. We caught up with her JC Lapierre, the U.S. Chief Strategy and Communications Officer at PwC as she was wrapping up a regular mentorship session that she offers to her team. If you really want to see change, make some changes to your schedule; allocate time to things that you say are important, such as molding a younger generation of leaders, and do something about it.

“You have to listen through informal channels,” said Lapierre. “Before I jumped onto this [interview] I was in what I call a coffee chat with about 15 members of my team. I do these three times a week. I open a sign up for 15 people if [they] want to just have coffee and talk for an hour. It is one of my most effective listening channels. It takes time. It takes effort to listen, but if you really pay attention, my team tells me what I need to do. My team tells me how I need to communicate better. They help tell me what steps I need to take to make it better for them. And to help us have more impact on driving our results. But it all starts with taking the time and creating the spaces to listen.”

That space for listening that Lapierre has created gives her the ability to see shifts in the market and react; especially shifts in where people are consuming media.

“The way people consume information has really shifted,” said Lapierre. “That’s where we (broadly not just PWC) aren’t sure what is going to land and what are the best channels to use. So we are going to try everything. The work [we did] with Hulu and streaming is outperforming all of the metrics that we set out for it. We are [even] starting a Tik Tok channel. We are going to go to a whole bunch of different places so that we really can understand how information is being consumed and what is the easiest way to share our messages with people that might be interested in hearing them.”

Being agile and able to test our new media channels is necessary for the modern evolving communication landscape. In this episode learn more about the ways JC is focusing on stakeholder and audience personalization, a bit about the new partnerships at PwC, and the need for good communication in a large organization. To hear more about what JC and PwC are doing, check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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Stories & podcasts that make smart people smarter: The Mission Daily: The Story podcast:

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