How to be an Advocate for Your Customers with Jennifer Mathissen, CMO Santander US

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The role of a marketer really is as simple as Jennifer Mathissen says it is.

“My job, and really most CMOs’ job, is to be the primary advocate for the customer,” she says.

Mathissen is the CMO of Santander US, and while her assessment of a marketer’s job sounds simple, there’s more to it than meets the eye. A marketer has to provide a story behind the compelling products and services that make up a brand, and a marketer has to create the space that makes it possible for a consumer to build a meaningful relationship with your company. But Mathissen was also adamant that in order to be a voice for your consumers, your marketing strategies must reflect that mindset.

“Marketing shouldn’t feel transactional,” Mathissen said.” It should feel like it’s something that is the best interest of the recipient, and not necessarily the best interest of the bank. You don’t want [your marketing] to feel self-serving, that’s true of your relationship with a banker and those conversations. It’s also true for any kind of AI driven recommendations. It needs to be served up in a way that feels like it’s helpful to you.”

On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Mathissen goes deeper on the intricacies of the role of marketers and CMOs, and she explains how to properly build a marketing culture that cultivates passion and creativity. Plus, Jennifer discusses why your marketing efforts should never feel transactional.

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Stories & podcasts that make smart people smarter: The Mission Daily: The Story podcast:

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