Finding Alignment Between Vision, Perception, and Business Needs Using Data with Kevin Tate, CMO of Clearbit

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Waiting weeks for department heads to compile their data sets into useful analyses is costing your business money. Kevin Tate, the CMO of Clearbit, has seen the advantage of having immediate information play out first hand. The sooner you can cut your losses or double down on your gains, the more money you will make in your business. Clearbit is a tool for marketers to use to better understand customers, identify future prospects, and personalize marketing and sales interactions. Kevin knows the importance of quickly aligning the marketing team’s vision with the customer perception and the sales needs of the business.

“One of the things I’ve learned being on both sides of the sales and marketing equation is that there has to be a balance between marketing’s vision for how we want to be viewed in the market and how we want people to value what we do. Then there’s the sales reality of [being] on the phone with this person and they’re asking for X, and there has to be a really close alignment between how do you help reframe the conversation and how do you understand what that customer is asking for?”

Kevin’s passion for marketing is contagious and his creativity in content marketing has drawn a lot of consumer engagement and helped Clearbit develop a strong customer base.

“We have eBooks, we have blogs, recipes, and how-to guides. We have things like the Visitor Report that provides insight as a free-to-use tool. We learn a lot by seeing who is engaging with those things, in what way, and where does that suggest they might be on their journey. I believe that one of the things that is invaluable about the shifts we’ve seen in B2B buying is that they are going to be in control of their own journey. They are going to learn how they want to learn, and they’re going to raise their hand when they’re ready. We try to be as attuned as we can to where they are in the process and where we can help.”

Making marking more efficient is the main objective. Gathering more specific data and analyzing it immediately is helping him improve the effectiveness of marking. To hear more from Tate and Clearbit, make sure you check out the full episode of Marketing Trends!

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