Developing a Culture of Excellence with Michele Don Durbin, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Evernote

A good company is built with good people and as simple as that sounds when it comes to hiring you’ve got to find people with good energy on top of having a good resume. With her decades of experience marketing in tech, Michele Don Durbin, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Evernote, knows how to get the most out of herself and her team and that boils down to her vision of setting good company culture.

“You’re certainly going to be judged on what you get done, but how you get it done is just as important.” Don Durbin said. “There are some people who will use less than ideal tactics to get things done. I appreciated that eBay said, ‘It’s not just what you’re getting done. It’s how you’re working with others. It’s how you’re taking the community to account, it’s what your colleagues think of you and how you’re helping the business overall.’”

Once you have that star-studded team in place then you can get to work and put your data-backed campaigns into action. In the process, don’t get too committed to the exact plans you’ve laid out, Michele warns.

“It’s about being flexible in what you think you’re going to be able to do. So make plans, back those plans with data, but good people in charge of those plans, and then be prepared for those plants to change, and that’s one of the reasons why Evernote was so interesting for me and why I’m still there.”

In this episode, Michele gets into all things marketing and takes us on a deep-dive into her strategy on hiring, unpacks the paid media strategy at Evernote, and shares a fun story about her work launching Skype with Oprah Winfrey. This episode is packed with great advice from an engaging leader. To hear more from this episode, make sure to check out the full episode of Marketing Trends here!

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