Automation Is Just the Beginning for Business — Here’s How the IT Leaders Are Taking It to the Next Level

  • Automation is everywhere, but what does it mean? Automation’s transformative power is evident, and we dig into how four different organizations are applying that power.
  • IT Visionaries spoke with four IT leaders to discover what automation means to them and how different businesses are using it to scale.
  • Key to this rapid ongoing transition is Salesforce, which empowers automation through value-adding software and services to unlock significant organizational growth and success.

Automation Definition

Every industry interprets automation differently and how it can change the game.

Automating Across Any System

MuleSoft helps businesses transform digitally by connecting any system, legacy or otherwise.

Automating Smarter Decisioning & Action

How we communicate is changing, and so is consumer behavior — from expecting instantaneous results to using emojis as shorthand for words.

How Salesforce helps businesses achieve more

For Vonage and Autodesk, the Salesforce CRM plays a critical backend role in record-keeping. Combined with automation and workflow capabilities, this is critical for end-user engagement.



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