A Look Inside the Salesforce State of Marketing Report with Salesfore’s VP of Product Marketing, Bobby Jania

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Not all customer service experiences are bad, but when tensions are high, problems are amplified. In order for you to even be contacting the company responsible, something is already wrong. Adding a layer of inauthentic robot walk-throughs of your website’s FAQ section and pretending it’s a real person is inexcusable. Bobby Jania, vice president of Product Marketing at Salesforce thinks that bots can be useful, but under certain conditions.

“If you’re going to have an AI interface directly with the customer, and if it is trying to have dialogue, typing and chatting, you need to be transparent that you’re talking to an AI bot. I’ve seen backlash when they try to pretend it’s a human, and then, you can ask it certain questions, and very much tell right away it’s not right. I think people are okay with it as long as they know.”

He understands how to look at a potential problem and reframe it and utilize it as an asset. His ability to understand technical nuance, thanks to a degree in computer engineering, qualifies him as a leader in this space. Understanding the basics of how things are made, and then taking a step back to look at the way those little details are fitting together to fulfill the mission of the company. Bobby is here breaking it down on Marketing Trends calling out what you might be doing wrong as you implement customer-facing AI. His can-do attitude, despite adverse circumstances, means more productivity around the clock as employees in different continents are able to keep work going when the sun sets over LA.

“It’s really hard to make things simple. Mark Twain is credited with the whole idea of, ‘I would have written you a shorter letter if I had more time.’ It’s that idea that to make something simple is really complicated.”

As you pare things down remember your mission; that vision should be at the root of every decision you make in business. All this, now on Marketing Trends.

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