Éva Goicochea, Founder and CEO of Maude, discusses repositioning sexual wellness, community building, and strategies for going into retail


Let’s be real, sex makes people uncomfortable. But it shouldn’t! And that’s one of the driving principles behind Maude, a modern sexual wellness brand that is disrupting a taboo industry and making sexual health more a part of overall health and wellness.

Éva Goicochea is the woman behind the brand, which all started with an idea to disrupt a static industry and a blog called “The Maudern” that was starting to gain some traction.

“We had the blog and… the idea was can you build a world around the product?” Goicochea said. “Because we knew we weren’t going to have…

Bringing a popular international product stateside, and how to build a value proposition that keeps delivering after the initial purchase

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There’s a saying that the most powerful mechanism we have to motivate, to inspire, and to educate is storytelling. And the purpose of storytelling is not to tell you how to think, but to give the listener the tools to draw conclusions, which is why storytelling has been such a useful tool for parents, teachers, and educators of all kinds for centuries. Both adults and kids can understand and learn from stories, and the old school method is making a comeback. …

How companies can create a digital customer experience that fosters a lasting love of the brand

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The Beatles told us that All You Need Is Love. Howard Tiersky says the same thing — but he’s talking about brands, not the whole of human existence.

Tiersky is the CEO of FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency, which has helped brands such as Mattel, Barnes & Noble Education, Mall of America, NBC, Avis-Budget, and more transform to compete and win in a new digital world — and they succeed by getting customers to love the brands and everything they offer.

“The companies that have customers that feel passionately about them, that feel appreciated by them, and appreciate those brands…

The link between a brand and its customer experience

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Stacey Epstein is a fierce competitor, relentless marketer, and a woman who flat out understands SaaS. Part of that competitive fire is what has led her to be a four-time, first-team all-conference soccer player during her collegiate years at Emory University. And that relentless attitude is what’s helped her succeed in the roles of CMO and CEO. But no matter how much hustle you have, don’t get those C-level titles without fully understanding every ounce of your business.

“As a marketing leader, I would never want to work at an organization where someone just says, here’s a product, go market…

How to convert more sales on Amazon by remaining authentic and the reason long-tail, big-risk marketing can have more ROI than traditional campaigns

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Brands are facing fierce competition in this ever-evolving ecommerce landscape. More often than not, shoppers do a general product search on Google or Amazon, where hundreds, if not thousands, of brands fight for the sale. It’s a hard arena to win in, and every company is trying to find shortcuts and strategies to give them an edge.

You’ve probably seen some of those strategies — for example, the products with a bunch of random SEO words jammed into the title so that the item appears higher in search. There are plenty more wacky Amazon tricks of the trade that brands…

Jay Wilder, Salesforce Vice President of Product Marketing, recaps some of the key trends from this year’s Salesforce State of Marketing Report

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We’ve talked a lot on this show about how today’s marketers are consumed by data. After all, it’s how you get a better picture of who your customer is and how you get a clearer understanding of what’s working and what isn’t across your channels. But the real question is how are you turning all of that data and all of those insights into action that has a measurable effect?

“Data isn’t this thing that you look at every now and then, it’s just something that becomes part of your everyday workflow.”

Those are the words of Jay Wilder, Vice…

B2B’s shift into the ecomm space, and how large companies are trying to scale personalized connections with customers

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Ecommerce has come a long way from its early days as just a separate part of the company that you set up and hope to see some returns on. Now, ecommerce is pivotal for just about every organization — but there is one faction of businesses that still lags behind.

There are $17 trillion dollars worth of B2B payments made every year. Yes, trillion with a T. And half of those payments are still being made manually. …

How enterprises can align sales and marketing to create winning strategies

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ROI no longer just means return on investment. Today, it also stands for revenue operations intelligence, which is all about how insights meet education and algorithms are used to help marketers target key personas in order to get ahead of the competition. It’s a game-changer, and People.ai CMO, Justin Shriber describes it as the ultimate tool for marketers.

“It’s the needle and the haystack problem, and we now have metal detectors that make it a lot easier.”

People.ai is an intelligence platform designed to help enterprises align their sales and marketing goals through the assistance of A.I. in order to…

How and why you need to utilize user-generated content

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Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool, even in today’s digital world. And in this time of the ecommerce boom, brands are constantly working to build buzz for their products. Whether that’s through ratings, reviews, social posts, or unique ad campaigns. But there’s one highly coveted strategy that’s been bubbling to the top of the stack, and every ecommerce leader knows it is the way of the future. User generated content.

And a company called Yotpo is here to help with that. Yotpo is one of the top platforms…

How marketers must begin thinking on a global scale not just with their marketing strategies, but in how they identify talent

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In an ever-evolving world full of raw and untapped potential, brands require a CMO who can keep up and take charge. That’s why when VICE Media Group was in search of its first Global CMO, Nadja Bellan-White was at the top of the list. For more than a quarter century, Nadja has used her voice proactively to challenge brands to think differently, think creatively, but most importantly to think about how they can make an impact in their communities.

“My belief is I’ve worked around the world, and I’ve always been about being the change,” Bellan-White said. “I’m not just…


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