Mike Marcellin, CMO of Juniper Networks, explains proper marketing strategies when it comes to utilizing A.I.

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Every company has a secret sauce — it’s the differentiator in what separates one company from the rest of the pack and keeps it successful long-term. For Juniper Networks, CMO Mike Marcellin says that secret sauce centers around how the company is getting its customers to actively engage with its product.

“How someone engages with a brand, with a company, is hugely important,” Marcellin said. “84% of [consumers] said that the experience that a company provides is as important as its products and services.”

For Marcellin part of creating those engaging experiences starts with how Juniper uses data, such as…

How UNICEF has consistently made an impact all over the world for more than 75 years

via https://weshare.unicef.org/archive/COVAX-First-Vaccines-Arrival-in-Bangladesh-2AMZIFHKWNG7.html

A little girl hides behind the leg of her mother, afraid and unsure as her eyes scan the mass of people around them. She and her family have just fled their home in Ethiopia amid a rising tide of violence and disruption. They are now staying at a camp for displaced persons along with thousands of others who, like them, can no longer go back to the home they once knew. There is overcrowding, disease, and little food or water to go around.


Creating a product that transcends industry trends, and why trust and transparency are just as important in business as they are in life


What’s hot today might be out of the zeitgeist tomorrow. Are people still doing goat yoga? Are skinny jeans really the new mom jeans? There are so many trends to keep track of and so many “next big things,” it’s impossible to know what’s real and what’s just a passing phase. For a business, it’s important to understand the distinction, and it’s even more important to have products that will thrive regardless of the different cycles your industry runs through.

Lopa van der Mersch thinks she has that kind of product with her company, Rasa, which makes a coffee alternative…

How incomplete data is creating challenges for marketers and why its time for businesses to re-calibrate their training methods

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In 2021, data flows from multiple pathways to a marketer’s desk, and the insights generated from those datasets feels endless. But one thing is becoming increasingly apparent; despite the information you have on hand, it’s still never enough.

“33% of marketers say they are completely satisfied with their ability to use data and to create more relevant customer experiences,” Edward McDonnell, EVP and CRO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud said. “A third of marketers feel like they have the ability to use data, to create a customer experience that’s relevant. …

Cuisinart’s shift to DTC and how it maintained good relationships with retail partners in the process

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Most people probably know Cuisinart because of the company’s kitchen appliances like the food processor, air fryer, or coffee maker. Cuisinart’s products are everywhere — in kitchens around the world, in retail stores, and yes, online. In the last year or so, Cuisinart has put a much greater emphasis on the DTC part of the business — walking the tightrope of being there for retail partners, while still making sure that there is enough inventory to meet the demand coming from online.

Helping lead the charge is Mary Rodgers, the Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart, who saw the tides…

The latest trends in influencer marketing and how name, image and likeness is creating endless opportunities for brands to work with collegiate athletes

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For years, college athletes have racked up Twitter and Instagram followers due to their on-the-field fame, but despite these large followings, a quarterback known for slinging touchdowns was prohibited from slinging endorsements thanks to a system that prohibited athletes from profiting off of their image or performance. But this summer that changed, and with college athletes now able to profit off their name, image, and likeness, it’s left companies such as Captiv8, an influencer marketing platform, ready to hit the ground running with a new pool of talent.

“Scale for creators or athletes within specific verticals is pretty tough,” Krishna…

Reese Mozer, Co-founder of American Robotics, discusses the long road to FAA approval, and why that achievement is what will make all the difference in scaling drone technology

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The world of business is full of empty promises masquerading as the next “big thing.” From pitch comps in high schools to stakeholder meetings for the Fortune 100, you hear the same claim; that this service, or that product will be a total game-changer.

As proof, all we have to do is take a little look into the past. Back in 1957, Ford dove in head first into “the next best thing,” also known as the Ford Edsel. But consumer preferences were evolving quickly, and no one wanted a big, bulky gas-guzzling car any more. After a few years, and…

How brands can and should be using free sampling to increase brand awareness and conversions

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Free samples are universally adored, and in recent years the customers getting the goods aren’t the only ones who are benefiting. Ecommerce companies and retailers alike are using samples as a way to raise awareness, convert more sales, and drive traffic to a product or webpage, and it’s working.

Doug Guyer is the Co-founder and Director of Strategic Development at Brandshare, a company that brings many of those free samples to your door. …

Digital marketing strategies to gain customer trust and how to effectively leverage partnership opportunities

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End-of-life planning is something often put off. After all, nobody actually enjoys thinking about what happens to their personal belongings once they are gone. But the truth is, you have to consider your options at some point. That’s one of the things that makes Luke Sheehan’s position as the CMO at Willful tricky, a Canadian company that guides users through making their legal will online.

“What we really try to do [at Willful] is understand the life stages behind when people are most likely to need something like a will in their life,” Sheehan said.

There’s a new kind of influencer and affiliate implementation and tracking system that solves the long-standing challenges brands face with each

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Creating an influencer or affiliate program is a huge headache for most brands. Vetting the people you let in, assigning them links and promotions, then tracking how they perform and understanding the buying path to accurately associate a conversion to an affiliate — it’s a nightmare But it doesn’t have to be.

Shibo Xu is the Co-Founder and COO of Refersion, which was built on the idea that you could completely flip that process on its head. Instead of the burden falling on the brands, influencers have to prove their worth. And rather than getting lost in vanity metrics or…


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