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Conor Lewis, Founder of Fort, discusses the early struggles of entrepreneurship and how he’s tapping into DTC and ecommerce pros to help guide him through some tough times.


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Gina Hortatsos, CMO of LogicGate, discusses how the company’s fundamentally different view of risk is helping companies find strategic advantages.

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Cynthia Kleinbaum Milner, VP of marketing for Walmart Plus, Online Grocery and Mobile App at Walmart, discusses how to build an overall experience on a mobile app, and what it takes to keep bringing more value to Walmart customers.

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Michael Wieder, Co-Founder, President, and CMO of Lalo, discusses connecting with and creating the best shopping experience for new parents


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The development of smart eyewear and how apps, blockchain, and a community of invested individuals can be the future of selling products


A behind-the-scenes look at what made Lockheed Martin the company whose technology the world relies on

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