The importance of expanding brand awareness what channels to focus on to build out new audiences

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It is rare that a brand has such reach and such impact that people all over the world can not just recognize it, but have memories of using the product for generations.

Crayola is one of those rarities. …

How to create a more meaningful and profitable partnership with manufacturers

What comes to mind when you think about the relationship with your manufacturers? Chances are you have the same picture in your head as so many other brands. You see a series of events that starts with opening a purchase order, and goes down the line of tasks including paying for your items, getting them shipped and then starting the process all over again. It’s a transactional relationship that has seen very little disruption through the years.

But the times are changing, and a company called Italic is leading the charge when it comes to developing a new framework around partnering with manufacturers. Italic is a membership-based brand that gives customers access to products produced by the same manufacturers of the top brands in the world. …

Tapping into new data sets and using emerging technologies to level up the customer experience

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Brand loyalty is something that every company wants but few actually attain. To build a loyal customer base, you need to provide one of the best experiences possible, offer unique products or services, and deliver on quality and in a timely fashion. It’s a tough ask, and for those in the grocery industry, it’s even more difficult since differentiation between product selection is not as easy as it might be in other verticals.

But when it comes to customer loyalty, there are ways to separate yourself from the pack.

And that’s what Rachel Stephens does as the Vice President of Marketing, Digital and Loyalty for Stop & Shop, a major grocery chain with more than 400 stores and a brand new ecommerce experience to serve its millions of customers. Thanks to the new online platform and through a loyalty program that customers actually want to engage in, Stephens explains that Stop & Shop is finally gaining access to some of the dark data it couldn’t access in the past. …



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